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In Chinese medicine, children are regarded as having “pure yang constitutions.” Meaning they are bursting with yang energy, which is vital to aid in their rapid growth and development. And in turn, they are often able to heal quickly.

While some children are wonderfully accepting of traditional acupuncture treatments – many are not, or they may take a little while to get there. And that is perfectly okay! I am happy to meet children in their comfort zone. What I often find is that eventually curiosity trumps fear, and within a few sessions the child becomes much more receptive to the idea of needles, or “taps” as I refer to them. And if not, there are a variety of other painless, non-needle ways of administering an effective treatment. The beauty is, they all work, it’s just a matter of finding what modality works best for your child.

Brandy Plunk, MSAOM, L.Ac
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