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How does sticking needles in someone improve their health?

Every acupuncturist gets asked the age-old question of how does sticking needles in someone improve their health?

Well, this.

There are hundreds of points on the body, connected via various meridians (all of which have their own pathway). Even though the meridians have their own functions, they are all connected. And then further down the specificity line comes the points, each with their own unique functions and energetics. It’s a map, and a bit of a maze. And our job is to figure out where the imbalance lies, and then restore order to it.

Acupuncture is never just sticking someone with needles. It’s years of education and clinical experience that teach us how to precisely manipulate the energetics of the body. All of which is fully based on very in-depth diagnostics. Once we diagnose the imbalances, then we calculate the functions and movement of each point/meridian in our prescription, essentially masterminding how they all jive together.

Are they sharing synergistic functions? Are we moving energy to the appropriate part of the body? Are we moving energy interior or exterior? Are we addressing the root, or just the branches? And the list goes on… It’s true puzzle mastery. And yes, sometimes it feels a bit like magic.

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Brandy Plunk, MSAOM, L.Ac

Acupuncturist at Esra Medicine
Brandy is a nationally board-certified Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM) and licensed acupuncturist/herbalist with a specialized focus in Lyme Disease, PANDAS/PANS, Chronic Illness and Gut Dysfunction. Based in Austin, Texas.
Brandy Plunk, MSAOM, L.Ac
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