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Wish I had visited sooner. Thank you Brandy for all your help.

Brandy is a miracle worker!!! I have tendinitis in both shoulders. She gave me some herbs to help with inflammation. Took the for a few days and the pain was way down. Then I had a few acupuncture sessions with her as well as some suction cupping to move the blood. I was so amazed that the pain had gone. I have been fighting this for over 6 months. Wish I had visited sooner. Thank you Brandy for all your help. I will be scheduling again

Ben Kravetz

her treatments are VERY effective

Brandy is a magician. Seriously. I recently had the pleasure of receiving acupuncture healing from her. She is gentle, intuitive, thorough, and her treatments are VERY effective. With a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, we have managed to release a lot of pain in my body. I had difficulty walking because my legs and knees were in excruciating pain after a digestive illness. I was afraid my condition was chronic and that this was my new normal because I was aging. I was NOT happy about that. Brandy diagnosed the imbalances and treated my body as a SYSTEM instead of just managing symptoms like my Western medicine doctors had been trying to do FOR A YEAR. After my very first treatment, I had FIVE PAIN FREE DAYS. My tolerance to the August Texas heat was much better. I am not well versed n Chinese medicine theory, but she was able to explain what was going on in my body in understandable layman's terms. By treating the underlying imbalances of my body, Brandy enabled me to start exercising again, have improved sleep, lowered my anxiety, helped my digestion, reduced limb swelling, and she facilitated getting me back in the gym and taking better care of my body. I cannot recommend Brandy highly enough.

Kay Anderson

wonderful to work with

Brandy is wonderful to work with! I’ve had three sessions and people around me have said I seem to glow more and have more energy. I’m enjoying the healing process, thank you!

Laura Elizabeth Trione

incredibly talented, intelligent woman

Brandy is an incredibly talented, intelligent woman. She has always had others best interest at heart. I would trust her to treat not only me but my children as well.

Carly Zarate
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